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Ningbo Wonderful Industries Co., Ltd., is the company in offering the highest quality products, superior service and pioneering innovations for conduit and conduit fittings markets. Our products are recognized and respected worldwide by customers in multiple markets including electrical distribution, residential commercial and industrial construction.
Our main products include RSC,IMC,EMT Conduit,Conduit elbows,Conduit Connector, Conduit Coupling, conduit bodies ,Outlet box, steel junction boxes, floor box, wall plate, Conduit straps& clamp, Metal Box, GFCI,LED light, Lamp,etc.
For several years, we have utilized our proprietary machinery and process technology to enhance and expand our product lines while effectively meeting our customers' increasing needs for actual enhanced flexible conduit performance. Our focused solutions emphasize quality and superior performance for our many globally recognized customers.
Delivering the most advanced and strategic solutions for today's demanding marketplace continues to be the driving force behind our expanding product lines. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction acts as our vision for the future.


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